We offer many procedures and surgeries commonly performed by stationary veterinarians. Ovariahysterectomies (spay), castration (neuter), mass excisions, biopsies, and wound repairs are among some of the surgical techniques provided by Crossroads Mobile Veterinary Clinic. To help Dr. Pisani better determine the best combination of anesthesia, it is mandatory to perform pre-anesthesia blood work.

​During the procedure patients will have an IV catheter and fluids. During surgery, patients are maintained on Isoflurane, an inhalant gas anesthetic. More importantly vital signs including heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, SpO2, and an ECG are monitored while your pet is under anesthesia. We will advise you on options in controlling potential pain your pet may experience after a surgical procedure.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (828) 490-0344.